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Tips, How to turn your crochet hobby into a successful business

Well, If you've ever enjoyed the thrill of making beautiful items out of yarn through the wonderful craft of crochet, you've probably also learned the demand for such treasures, as family and friends insist that they want one every time you finish your latest project. It feels good as they gather around admiring your work, and you think to yourself, "This is my hobby. I can't really make any money off of my work." But the thought of turning your hobby into a full blown business does appeal to you. You simply don't know if it will be worth it, based on the time and effort it takes to create your work.

Things to Consider

It's true. Time is money, and your time should be worth more than a few dollars an hour. But would you be crocheting while you watch television anyway? Does this hobby keep you from eating and smoking uncontrollably? Is this a thing to do while you sit at your kid's sporting practice night after night? Think about why you crochet, and then determine the total value of your time, taking into consideration the time you might be doing something else if you didn't crochet. You might actually be able to earn more than you think when you look at it that way.

Another thing to consider is your business knowledge. How much do you know about running a business, and how much are you willing to learn? Are you ready to spend more time on your business than you actually do crocheting? The answers to these questions will help you decide the type of business you might start with your crocheting hobby, as there are many avenues you can pursue.

Finally, consider the costs associated with starting your business. Learn everything you need to know about licensing, selling and purchasing, management and payroll, site fees, leasing property, loan applications, and anything else that might play into your overall fees to start a successful business selling your crocheted crafts and merchandise. Think about ways to offset these costs too.

Types of Crochet Businesses

You have options when you want to start a crochet business. There are many ways to turn your hobby into a successful business. If you are willing, you can invest in more than one of them, and promote yourself as the most amazing crocheter there is. Or you can focus on one type of crochet business and work it regularly, enjoying your employment as much as your hobby.

*Sell your products online through your very own internet site. You can actually start a site for free, or pay someone to host your site, and maybe even cash in on external advertising too. For that matter, you can also sell your work on Craig's List and Ebay.

*Start a series of instruction classes through your local craft store and on your own. Teach what you love, and build your business charging $10 per lesson.

*Sell your work at local craft fairs. Most of your time will be spent crocheting items, and then a few times a year you'll sit at a table and sell what you can. The trick is not to give away all of your handiwork in the interim. Of course if you'd like, you can host your own garage sale and have a table set up to sell your crocheted items.

*Submit original designs to crochet magazines for publication. Be sure to write down everything you do, and be careful to make your work professional. You don't want any mistakes to show up if they decide to photograph and publish your pattern.

*Sell your work to local merchants. Choose merchants who sell crafts, antiques, even books, and show them your work. Strike up a friendship with them and ask them to purchase your work for their store too.

*Word of mouth. Tell people, and ask them to tell people about your handiwork. Show them too. Let them know that you can make special order items that will be great for all their gift giving needs. When you do, treat yourself fairly. While it's nice to give your treasures to family and friends, you also deserve to be paid for your work, especially when you decide to go into the business of selling it.
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