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Simple tips: Business advice for women

Yes, I am writing this perspective from the vantage point that I spent part of my career in three different industries and my observations are universal despite differences in each of the cultures. Here are three suggestions I've observed that can help women attain greater respect if not greater opportunities for promotion. They are as follows:

* Practice neutrality. This advice is difficult given the bias in favor of men both for promotion and salary, Yes, I know that a woman with the same job is earning only 77 cents of what a man earns for a job with the same responsibility. Yes, you can take on the system but here the system always wins. Neutrality here means to somehow leave out gender in your day to day responsibilities and allow your performance to speak for itself. Neutrality means to refuse to adopt the viewpoint of an optimist or pessimist. The optimist says the cup in half full; the pessimist half empty. Both are half right. The glass is and how you adapt to what is can propel you as an employee who deserves respect and opportunity for projects of greater responsibility.

* Dress the part. It is a fact that our culture is externally addicted and what we wear sends out a message to our coworkers and customers. Suggestion: Dress feminine but not sexy. Short skirts, exotic makeup and the showing of flesh will send a signal to sexist men and even some serious mean that you are not to be taken seriously. It is an unfair stigma in a world that is not fair. When delivering a presentation, which is an opportunity to enhance your image and reputation, stand with feet shoulder length apart and not the ultra feminine way of one foot in front of the other. Don't wear clothing or jewelry that distracts the listener form you and your message to the item of flamboyance.

* Be assertive and not aggressive. This is tricky and can be tough in that men but not women can be successful with aggressive behavior. There are tow major differences: 1) people who are aggressive are ego addicted and frequently use the pronoun 'I" and assertive people use the pronoun "you'. Both behaviors are decisive but assertive people do not infringe on the rights of others in protecting theirs.

Please note that I an not sugdesting these always work. I am suggesting that the opposite of these suggestions will not work. I am not siggesting universal application as stated but in adjusting these suggestions to meet your corporate culture. And lastly I hope one opf these suggestions can bear fruit in attsaining greater success!

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