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Small business ideas for women

As we know, Many women are on the hunt for small business ideas. The desire to contribute to the household income while still having the flexibility to nurture young children fuels a large percentage of women to explore small business opportunities.

There are several small business ideas that seem made for women, either because they require skills that women generally possess or because they revolve around products or services that women spend a lot of time researching.

Become an Avon Representative

Avon offers a unique opportunity to become a business owner, while getting the full support of an established and proven brand. Avon has a large research network that constantly tests and produces new products and a ready-made marketing package that helps to boost sales for a small financial investment. Any woman with an interest in sales and the commitment to put in the time building the business at the start can make a decent living off of selling Avon products.

Become a Virtual Assistant

If you have a background in office support services you can make a living providing these same services remotely from the comfort of your home office. You can work exclusively for one firm or you can provide a smaller subset of services to several different companies.

Try your Hand at Catering

Catering for special occasions or events can provide a good income while also giving you the opportunity to work from home. If you love being in the kitchen and your friends and family are quick to turn to you for advice on all things culinary you may do well in the catering industry. Of course you also need to be able to deliver on time and treat it as a proper business, managing your costs and ensuring that your price structure is sufficient to make a profit.


If you like dealing with children and you have a skill that you can easily teach tutoring may be for you. Parents are always looking for extra curricular activities to help mould their youngsters into more well-rounded people. If you are a dancer, artist, musician or you may be a master at sewing or other type of craft or trade; you can consider offering lessons to pass on your knowledge. Of course this would mean developing a curriculum or course of study and setting class times as well as deciding on a price and if you will tutor independently or in a group. Whatever you decide tutoring can be structured to suit your time schedule.

To find out more about these business ideas you can do a bit of preliminary research on the internet. There are several businesses you can start so let your imagination run wild and then examine your ideas with a more critical eye to evaluate if they are actually feasible.

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